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TF-BP04S Balloon printing machine

2014/6/16      view:
Quanzhou Taifeng Machine Technicl Co., Ltd. ’s balloon printing machine is a kind of machine which printing enterprise’s (company)  logo, symbol, or some pictures on the balloon, can achieve promotion enterprise company, thus bring potential customers for enterprise companies, this way of propaganda has become quite popular among the company one of the ways in which information, contributing to the contribution to the balloon printing industry.
1;Shape dimension:L 9.5m, W 1.2m,H 1.7m
2;Main engine power:2.2kw
3;Output: 1200-1800 A/H
4;Atmospheric pressure:0.8MPa
5;Air consumption :0.6m3/H

Corollary Equipment: 0.8MPa,0.6m3/h , one air compressor ,another purchase